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 A New Coat of Paint Can Give You That New Car Feeling Without the Hefty Price Tag

As many of us feel the pinch of inflation it is common to tighten the purse strings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things, at Senko Auto Restoration we believe you can enjoy a car restoration without all the inflated pricing.

At Senko Auto Restorations in Brisbane, we can provide as much or as little of your car restoration as you’d like.

The Weather can Impact your Paint Job

The sub-tropical Brisbane weather has been very wet and wild this year, we’ve seen floods like never before due to an unprecedented amount of rain, and now we are experiencing a cold snap, with a few days of heat scattered in the midst, it’s no wonder a car’s paint work can start looking a bit worse for wear. If you have chipped, flaky, and rusting paintwork on your vehicle, it might be time to call Senko Auto Restoration in Brisbane.

An old paint job can devalue your car and take the shine off it, quite literally, our team have a sterling reputation for providing the most professional sandblasting and flawless finish.

Why Sandblast and Repaint your Car?

Second-hand cars are selling for a much higher price than usual, if you plan to sell your vehicle a new coat of paint can add significant value.

A car with rust can continue to degrade and cause further damage; by sandblasting and repainting your vehicle you will remove the rust and debris, and replace it with a protective coat.

Many new vehicles have a long wait list, a fresh coat of paint can prolong the life of your current vehicle and give you pride in your car and make it look like new.

Perhaps you feel like a change, a sandblast and recoat means you can change the colour of your car easily.

Sandblasting your Car can Give it a New Lease on Life

Senko Auto Restorations in Brisbane has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sandblasting, we have a thorough process where we remove rust, dust, debris, and paint, leaving you a blank canvas.

Our paint job is flawless; just perfect. Your car is our passion.

When you want to get that new car look without the expensive price tag, call 0412 032 325 or come in and see the team at 9/40 South Pine Road, Brendale, Brisbane.

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