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Land Rover Series with a difference !!!!

I started this restoration 8 Months ago and now its ready to be sold, I wanted to show Land Rover lovers that there is another option when restoring a Classic piece of History this Series Landy was striped to bare Aluminium by Bead Blasting with very fine Glass for one of the best finishes for metals of all sorts but especially Aluminium when seen totally bare in its natural form so I wanted to show off what was under all that paint but I didn’t want to create more work too much maintenance too much money, Keep it simple but looking great, even the steel mixed in with the Aluminium in the Landy gave the look a two tone effect as you can see in the back Tub area seen in the darker grey( yes bare steel) my next trick was to put a Clear 2pak coating all over the Landy to keep it easy Maintenance. to make sure the 2pak didn’t lift off( not able to put clear coat 2pak over Aluminium it will just lift off)

So a pre treatment clear which sticks very well to Alloys is needed and allows 2pk clear to stick to it or any Metal, this Land Rover has had a very intensive Resto completed on it just about everything has been renewed or refurbished if interested to buy or in any info on the Bead Blasting give me a call.

This Landy wasn’t panelled so what life had thrown at her still remains, but no bog ! no rust ! anywhere !! if you happen to scratch it no panel repairs just spray clear and all done, very cost affective and being light in colour means less heat in summer as well.

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