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Car Restoration The Best Abrasive Blasting Method

Whether you are restoring a classic car, a collector car, or simply just wanting to revitalise your current car, the panels of the car will need to be stripped of their old paint and the car will need to be free of rust and any dirt and grime. The best, quickest and most cost-effective method of doing this is by abrasive blasting.


Why Chemical Paint Strippers Aren’t the Best Option

Chemical paint strippers are highly toxic and corrosive and – for those concerned about the environment – not particularly environmentally friendly. Using chemicals to remove paint can also cause pitting and other damage to the surface of the metal.

This method is also a lot slower, therefore time consuming and actually costing you more money in man hours spent removing the old paint.


Abrasive Blasting Is Affordable

Many people think that sandblasting and abrasive blasting is expensive and messy. Quite the contrary. Because abrasive blasting is so much quicker at getting the job done than the chemical and scraper method, you save a lot of money on the time spent doing the job, even though the process costs more than the chemical one.


Abrasive Blasting Is Efficient

The other thing to consider with abrasive blasting is that you can remove all the paint and the rust in the same process. It is much easier to get into hard to get at spots with abrasive blasting than it is with paint stripper and a scraper.


Traditional Sandblasting

Traditional sandblasting methods of the past used actual silicon sand to remove the paint. Now while traditional sandblasting can still have its place, silicon is not the best abrasive for cleaning up the metal on car panels. The process is both harsh on the finished surface and produces a lot of heat which can lead to warping of the metal panels.


Garnet Abrasive Blasting Is The Way To Go

At Senko Auto Restoration we are you car restoration specialists on the Gold Coast. When it comes to stripping back your old car we prefer to use a fine grade of garnet for the job. Garnet abrasive blasting produces far less heat, won’t warp the metal, and because it comes in different grades of abrasion, the right grade can be used for the metal surfaces of your beloved car and won’t cause any scarring or pitting.

Our specialist technicians are experts at the process and use exacting technics to get the job done right every time. Don’t trust your prized car restoration to anyone else. Give the experts a call. Talk to us at Senko Auto Restoration, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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