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Corvettes are a Classic Car Collectors Pride and Joy!

The Corvette is a car synonymous with style, comfort, and sheer brilliance when it comes to engineering.

Whether you are on the racetrack, or headed for a Sunday drive, a Corvette will give you a luxurious experience.

Old vs. New!

With 8 versions, the Corvette comes with a variety of models to choose from and each are just as impressive as the other.

Whilst the newer models of Corvettes have an impressive horsepower, you can’t look past a classic Corvette.

 It’s a Classic!

A vintage Corvette is a well sought-after collectors’ item; the first, second, third and fourth generation are known as the C1, C2, C3 and C4. Ask any vintage Corvette owner of the joy they feel restoring their Corvette, it is unrivalled!

Appearing in many movies, you will be star-stuck by your vintage Corvette. A great car for both men and women, young and old, and a solid favourite amongst the classic car fanatics, you won’t be disappointed.

What’s better than buying your vintage Corvette?

The only thing better than buying a Corvette is restoring one.

Restoring your Corvette to its former glory is a labour of love, but at Senko Auto in Brisbane we take the hard work out of your restoration. We can colour match your car to get the original colour looking like new, or you can choose a hue to suit you. Whatever your preference we repair and paint your car to look exactly how you want it.

Our professional sandblasting experts will smooth out the body to ensure your fresh coat of paint is perfect.

For practicality a left-hand drive can make life a little tricky, but don’t worry it won’t alter the feeling of nostalgia you feel hopping into a Corvette when we alter your ride to a right-hand right drive.

The heart of the car, the engine, is a delicate beast; our team of car restoration experts can enhance, improve, or completely change out your engine, and trust me, we’re as revved up as you to work on such an amazing car.

Don’t Settle for Less

From gearboxes, to replacement interior, we can do a full car restoration for your Corvette. Don’t leave your pride and joy with anyone else, leave it in the hands of seasoned professionals that will treat your car like royalty.

Call Senko Auto Restoration on Brisbane Northside and enjoy a quality restoration as well as impeccable customer service.

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