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What Colour Should I Choose For my Classic Car?

The best thing about a classic car auto restoration is that your vehicle is tailored to your taste, and you can put a modern twist on a classic car.

When it comes to all the details, none are more noticeable than the choice of colour. If you talk to Senko Auto Restoration, we can match the original paint and just add a fresh coat, or you can mix it up a little.

What colour should you choose for your classic car?

This is your classic car, so choose a colour you like, the sky is the limit. However, even though you might like to choose a colour you like, you may like to consider some practical reasons.

Black is a pretty sexy colour for your car, however in the harsh Brisbane sun black, and darker paints in general absorb more heat and as such get hotter than lighter shades.

The sun can fade your paintwork, and even though red is a great colour for a classic car it is known to fade more in the sun, so to keep your coat perfect it might be wise to choose another colour.

According to Australian insurance company data, black cars are the most prone to accidents, and whilst there is no hard evidence as to why black cars are involved in more motor vehicle accidents, the more cautious person might ‘steer’ clear of that colour.

Whilst you aren’t less likely to get in an accident according to the colour of your car, did you know that green cars are less likely to get into an accident than any other colour?

White is a solid favourite in Australia, it reflects the heat, looks good, and it never goes out of fashion.

Choosing a radical colour can reflect your personality, but if you are planning to sell your car it can limit your buyer pool; daring colours can often be a bit harder to resell.

Call Auto Restoration Experts

If you’ve lovingly restored your classic car, and you want to add the wow factor, go for the colour that will make you smile.

Choosing the colour of your car should be based on your personal taste.

If you need some assistance with matching the original paintwork, call Senko Auto Restoration in Brisbane, we are here to assist you.

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