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Why Restore An Old Car

Car restoration is becoming increasingly popular, whether it be a classic old car and collector’s item, or simply just doing up an old car or favourite to make it look like new again. What are some of the reasons for this rise in interest in car restoration?


A Hobby

Sometimes people just want something to do, a project to work on in their spare time. While restoring an old or classic car might not be the dream hobby of everyone, it is certainly growing in popularity in Australia. We all like having something productive to do, and deep down all human beings have a creative streak. For some this comes out in car restoration. As a hobby it may take years to get the job finished, but the results will surely be worth it.


Greater Resale Value

If an older model car has a strong general appeal and there is a market for the model, then doing a restoration on the car can lead to very good profits for the owner when he/she goes to sell. In some cases it might just be a fresh coat of paint to increase the car’s value and saleability, while other times it could be a full-blown car restoration.


A Showpiece

Classic cars make for great showpieces, and often these restored cars are involved in a variety of car shows around the country. Whether it be an old Australian classic such as a Holden, or an American muscle car like the Mustang, classic car enthusiasts have a real passion for the restoration process and these collectors and exhibitors really live for their cars.


A Family Heirloom

Perhaps an old car has been in the family for generations and now the time has come to breathe new life into the vehicle in order to preserve the car so it can remain in the family for more generations to come.



Many car restorations are simply done for the love of cars and the transformation process. At Senko Auto restorations we put as much love into the car restoration process as the owners do and we are experts at what we do. Don’t trust your pride and joy to anyone else. If you are in the Gold Coast area, then get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss every stage of the car restoration process with you and we guarantee you will love the results.

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