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Car Restoration

Most people go to work because they have to, but the lucky ones (like the team at Senko) go to work because they love what they do. Our team lives and breathes auto restoration, so if you have a classic car or an old faithful that you cannot bear to part with, we can help you return your vehicle to its former glory.

Car Restoration Brisbane - Senko Auto Restoration

We work with our clients to get the results you want. We can fix minor bingles or restore parts of your vehicle and have you back on the road in no time at all. We also do major restorations with showroom quality results. Our auto restorations include Mustangs, Holdens and Fords, Ford Trucks, a Pre-War Rielly and motorcycles. If you want a quality restoration with real wow factor, we will deliver. We have the experience to return vehicles to their original finishes, or restore and finish to your preference.

Our customers are always impressed with the results we achieve and the service we provide. Most even expected their auto restorations to take longer and cost more! We plan restorations every day, so when you approach us with a project, we will work out a scope of works with a timeline and budget, so there are no surprises. We also provide feedback and photos throughout the process, which enables you to track the transformation of your vehicle.

Our workshop and sandblasting facility can cater for biking enthusiasts with full motorbike restorations from the ground up or repairs and restorations to part of your motorbike. We will turn your daily ride into a showpiece, making it a joy to ride and more valuable if you decide to sell later on.

We try to source new parts when possible, but if we need to use original parts to maintain the integrity of a restoration, we use our sister company, Senko Abrasive Blasting , to clean and prep metal work and other surfaces. All work in our sandblasting division is done by our experienced operators to ensure Senko’s high standards, and the results are consistently outstanding.

We invite you to browse our gallery – take a look at our staff and visitor cars, and you will be in no doubt that your vehicle will be coming to the best auto restoration shop in Brisbane. You can find current projects under Our Work, where we share photos of vehicles through each stage of their restoration. We have an FAQ page packed with information on what we do, how we do it, why we do it so well. Our blog , Fully Restored, is a great place to join in conversations with other restoration tragics and find out about the latest technologies and car shows.

We treat every vehicle as if it is our own because we are passionate about restoration perfection. If you want quality work, friendly staff that keep you in the loop and results that will blow you away, give us a call today.

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