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Choosing Your New Car Classic Car Colour

Restoring your classic car is a labour of love, it costs money, it takes time, and it takes patience, it is certainly not for the faint hearted. 

The pride you feel once you have undergone an auto restoration is a high you will keep chasing, but the journey to get there can be long and full of hard decisions. 

How to Choose Your Classic Car Colour 

Once all the mechanical stuff and bodywork is fully restored, it is time for the finishing touches, and one of the most exciting and standout things left is to choose the paint colour. 

The colour of your newly restored classic car is a personal choice, and one that will be the crowning glory of your auto restoration.

At Senko Auto Restoration in Brisbane, we sandblast your vehicle and remove all paint, dirt, dust, rust, and debris, giving you the perfect foundation for your new hue. 

Choosing your New Paint Job

So, how do you choose a colour for your new car restoration? There are a few things to look at when you are choosing your new hue.

Personal Taste 

Choosing your new paint colour might be something as simple as you like the colour. Choosing your favourite colour means it reflects your taste and personality, so why not go with your gut. 


Some people do a full car restoration, opting to keep it as close to the original look as possible, therefore matching the car paint to what it was in the car’s original condition. 

Keep Cool 

Living in Brisbane we have hot and humid summers, so opting for a dark colour is more likely to absorb heat, whilst a lighter colour is more likely to reflect the heat keeping your car cooler in the hot summer months. 

Inside Out

The car’s paint should compliment the car’s interior, ensuring your colours do not clash is important when choosing the right colour for your car. 

Represent the Era 

Looking at the historical colours of the era is a great way to get inspiration; choosing a shade that represents the era makes it more authentic and classic. 

Dirt and Dust

Whilst you might think a white car will show up dirt and dust, you might be surprised to learn that black cars are worse! A black car looks dirty much quicker than their lighter counterparts. 

Contact Us 

As with any good paint job, preparation is key, and by talking to Senko Auto Restoration in Brisbane you can be assured that all dirt, dust, debris, old paint, and rust is removed from your vehicle, ready for a flawless paint job. 

To discuss your car restoration with the passionate team at Senko Auto Restoration simply call 0412 032 325 or come in and see us at 9/40 South Pine Road, Brendale. 

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