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Classic Car Tunes!

At Senko Auto Restoration We Are Passionate About Classic Car Restoration.

Classic cars have an innate beauty that has inspired many songs over the years; and many of us classic car enthusiasts rev up the engine and the old school tunes we once played back in the day come screaming back to us.

Memories of the good old days can be relived through a beautifully reconditioned classic car, and a classic soundtrack.

A classic car with the right soundtrack can be a treat for the senses, imagine, your hands wrapped around a leather steering wheel, the engine revving, original paintwork, your comfy seats restored, and the tunes of your youth blasting through an original speaker – an absolute classic!

Classic Songs for a Classic Car!

At Senko Auto Restoration in Brisbane, we are passionate about restoring classic cars, and if we are honest, we are quite nostalgic creatures here, and we love listening to some classic tunes whilst restoring classic cars and here are just a few of our favourites.

Chuck Berry has a number of classics that are the perfect companion for a road-trip in a classic car. A legend, Chuck Berry has countless classics; Ida Red, Roll Over Beethoven, Sweet Little Sixteen, and many more. An oldie and a goodie, Chuck Berry compliments any classic car ride.

Bob Dylan is a great soundtrack for hitting ‘highway61’. With a variety of smooth tunes, ballads, and great lyrics it is easy to see why Bob Dylan is a firm favourite with our classic car fanatics!

Roadrunner’ by Bo Diddley has a catchy tune, a great beat, and an uplifting tune, it’s a winner for anyone that is looking for a fun song with a classic feel.

The Beach Boys Album Run have a variety of tunes that can take you hurtling back to your youth. With the purr of your classic car’s engine, the Beach Boys can help give you ‘Good Vibrations’.

Who can forget the musical prowess of the Beatles, they have so many classics under their belt, but you can not forget the sound of “Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!” being sung along with the audience?

Last but certainly not least, Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett. No one can hear this tune without singing out loud. Remember turning this tune up on the wireless? An absolute classic.

Classic Tunes Are The Best Classic Car Companion!

Classic cars are our passion, and the team at Senko Auto Restorations at Brisbane are committed to giving you the old-school experience; our good old-fashioned customer service, coupled with our classic car restorations are enough to catapult you back to the good old days!

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