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Merry Christmas from the Brisbane team at Senko Auto Restorations

It’s that busy time of the year again, Christmas shopping and Christmas parties. Need to take a break and have a little fun? Good. To get you and your family or friends into the spirit of Christmas, here’s a couple of games sure to have everyone enjoying themselves.

Who Am I

Give your guests a blank card or post-it-note and a pen and ask them to write a ‘who am I’ name on it. The name can be that of a famous person (living or deceased) or a fictious television character. For something different you can mix it up with a theme, e.g. famous musicians and bands, Harry Potter characters, famous athletes/sports stars. Collect all the cards.

Each person takes a turn in trying to guess who they are. A card is taped to their forehead so everyone but the person guessing can see it. The person wearing the card must ask questions to guess who they are. They can only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no by the other players. E.g. am I still alive, am I fictional, am I a politician, am I a male, am I over 50, am I in the entertainment industry, am I a singer.

The aim of the game is for each person to guess with as few questions as possible.

Don’t Say Yes

Another simple, fun game that’s more challenging than it sounds. Each person takes a turn being asked questions by the other guests. The person being asked questions is not allowed to use the word ‘yes’ or any variations of it. E.g. yeah, yep. Here’s some examples of how a conversation might go.

  • Do you like turkey? I love turkey.
  • Are you scared of spiders? Why would I be scared.

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