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Restore Your Wooden Surfaces With Timber Sandblasting

Sandblasting and abrasive blasting techniques are not only reserved for items made from metal, such as cars and machinery. Other items, like fibreglass boats and timber can also be stripped bare with various sandblasting methods.

Restoring Timber Furniture

Maybe you have some old furniture you would like to bring back to life. Or perhaps you deal in old furniture and wish to revitalise it to make a nice profit. Whatever the reason, abrasive blasting is the quickest and most effective way of stripping off the old paint or varnish and getting the surface beautifully prepared for restoration.

Nasty and messy chemical paint strippers don’t really get the job done right. You are left with a surface marred by the chemicals, and these chemicals will then need to be removed before the surface can be painted again. Also, those difficult corners will basically be left untouched, whereas abrasive blasting can get into any tight spot and completely remove old paint and debris.

There are a number of different abrasives that can be used on just about any surface, and some of these abrasives – such as garnet – come in different grades so that the results are perfect when the sandblasting is done by a professional. Some surfaces are more delicate than others and require a finer grade of abrasive to do the job right and not damage the underlying surface of the wood, in this case.

Other Timber Products That Can Be Sandblasted

Wooden furniture isn’t the only wooden object that can benefit from sandblasting. Just about anything made of wood can be restored with this method.

How about something very awkward to sand back like louvre wooden doors. These are sometimes found on kitchen cupboards, bedroom wardrobes, or swinging doors to separate rooms. Abrasive blasting will effectively clean these up in no time. Then, once the fresh paint has been applied, they will look like they’ve just come fresh from the door factory.

Some other wooden objects that can be sandblasted include:

  • Wooden beams
  • Handrails from balconies and staircases
  • Wooden planter boxes
  • Panelling for walls
  • Cane furniture

Virtually anything made of wood that you would like to restore can be sandblasted to a perfect finish ready for that coat of paint, stain or clear gloss.

Senko Auto Restoration

We don’t just prepare cars for restoration with abrasive blasting. Our technicians can sandblast anything and we have a variety of sandblasting abrasives to get the job done right. So, whether you are on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, give us a call today to discuss you project.

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