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Restoring Classic Cars With Class

If you have an old classic car that needs some restoration to bring it to life, or maybe even just an old faithful car that you can’t bear to part with, it can be returned to its former glory and, with a bit of imagination and TLC, it can look even better than it did when it first rolled off the factory floor.

In some ways restoring an old car is even more glorious than buying a brand new one. There’s just something about that transformation that makes the process and the final result extra special, and not to mention – unique.

The First Step In Car Restoration

In order to restore that car to a gleaming finish, the old paint, rust and any build up of debris first needs to be removed completely, and the quickest and most effective way to do this is with abrasive blasting.

In days gone by abrasives used for this process were not really suitable for car restoration. Abrasives such as silicon sand were just too harsh on car panels and the build up of heat during the process caused the metal to warp. Not the finish you want for your newly-restored pride and joy.

So, in order to remove all the old paint, rust and other debris from your car so it can be returned to a pristine condition, you really need to take your car to someone who knows what they are doing; a company that lives for car restorations, are passionate about the business and utilise the best techniques for getting the job done properly.

Trust Your Car To Senko Auto Restoration

We restore your car with as much care and pride as if it were our own. At Senko Auto Restoration we can restore your entire classic or favourite car or, if it’s just a door or a panel you need done, we can do that too. Our specialty is old cars and the sandblasting techniques we use are designed specifically for the car restoration industry.

We have a variety of abrasive blasting techniques that use different abrasives for different jobs. For car restoration we use garnet abrasive blasting in a fine grade that will not damage the integrity of the panels, nor cause any warping. Once the car has been brought back to clean metal and is also free of rust, we can then begin the next stage of the restoration process which is using a 2 Pack primer followed by a 2 pack top coat.

But sandblasting and repainting your classic car isn’t all we do. We fix minor damage and replace parts. In the case of parts for your old classic car, we can either source new parts or originals. We even restore motorcycles.

So, for car restoration and sandblasting Gold Coast or Brisbane, trust your classic car to Senko Auto Restoration.

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