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Why choose Senko Abrasive Blasting

Why You Should Choose Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane

There are many reasons why you should choose Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane. However, we believe there is one stand out reason. That reason is, we are just like you. The reason Senko Abrasive Blasting exists is because we were looking for a quality abrasive blasting company that could help with our Senko Auto Restorations.

After being constantly disappointed in workmanship and service from other companies, we decided to make Senko Abrasive Blasting a sister company to Senko Auto Restorations.

We See an Abrasive Blasting Project Through the Eyes of a Customer

Creating Senko Abrasive Blasting to fill the gap in our own expectations as customers, allows us to see all our projects through the eyes of our customers. We’re always happy to work with our customers on their projects, so they get their desired result. We pride ourselves on being the best abrasive blasting company in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

At Senko Abrasive Blasting We Guarantee Our Services

We believe in our ability to complete a project with a quality finish that won’t compromise its structure. Whether that structure be machinery, a car engine or cane furniture, you can be assured when you pick it up from our workshop you’ll be impressed with the results.

Senko Abrasive Blasting has a Glowing Reputation Across the Country

Over the last six years Senko Abrasive has built a glowing reputation across the country. Our customers know that when they trust us with a project the work will be quality, the delivery will be fast, and the service will be great.

Senko Abrasive Blasting Pride Themselves on Being Innovative

At Senko Abrasive Blasting we know that not all projects will withstand sandblasting or soda blasting. This is why we’ve spent the time experimenting with other mediums such as bead, walnut and garnet.

These other abrasive blasting mediums have allowed up to expand our horizons and offer more service to our valued customers. For more information on what we can do for you, call us!

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